WE ARE BACK! Experience London with “Art Tours with a Theme”

We offer thematic art & architecture tours for small groups in London. Check our stories on Instagram/Facebook and follow our podcasts and videos!

We have reopened one of our City tours, compliant with Covid safety rules.

Theme: City (financial centre of London)

  1. The City with an Economist – Info & booking here
  2. The London Giants – Info & booking here
  3. The Roman Empire in London

Theme: Museum

  1. Tate Britain & Tate Modern by Bike/Boat

Theme: Special Areas

  1. Bermondsey
  2. Euston-St Pancras
  3. Mayfair and St James’s
  4. Notting Hill
  5. Soho
  6. South Kensington
  7. Southwark